Favorite Books

We're mothers, and sisters, and we love reading to our kids. We know that helping our kids create a great relationship with books and reading is an important foundation to life-long learning. Sometimes we've had to search for just the right book to help our kids with a specific skill or life transition. We've also noticed that not all children's book are created equal and that some stand out to us as having lasting impact. It's those stand-out books that we want to share with you - the books our kids keep requesting, and the ones that we enjoy reading to them, again and again - and again!


Charlie the Caterpillar

Just a quick personal aside- this book is old and well loved. When I rediscovered it a few years ago, I found the following note inside the cover: isn't this just how life with kids is? Anyway...this caterpillar named Charlie is newly born but he can't figure out why no-one wants to play with him.  Everyone … Continue reading Charlie the Caterpillar

Review: The Tale of Three Trees

Supposedly a folklore story (of unknown origin), this is an Easter story told from the perspective of three trees. Each tree is standing side-by-side atop a hill and dreaming about it's future. The first wants to be made into the most beautiful treasure chest in the world, the second wants to be a strong sailing ship to "travel mighty waters and carry powerful kings," and the third dreams of staying on the mountaintop and becoming the tallest tree in the world so that people think of God when they see it.

Chicken Little

This retelling of the classic story, Chicken Little, has a little something for everyone. Steven Kellogg is a very prolific children's book author and illustrator and the characters in this book display his signature style and sense of humor. The story begins, as usual, with Chicken Little being hit on the head by an acorn and believing the sky is falling. Foxy Loxy is watching from the bushes ready to make his move when each of Chicken Little's friends try to come to the aid with shear panic and calls for the police. Foxy Loxy is beside himself with greed as he fantasizes about how he will prepare and eat each of the the foul.