A Review of Sleep Like a Tiger
Author:Mary Logue
Illustrator:Pamela Zagarenski
Reviewed by L. Bohannon

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Recommended reader age: 4-7

Through stunning and fascinating illustrations this book tells the story of a little girl who is procrastinating bedtime. She asks her parents if everything in the world sleeps. They assure her t hat indeed everything sleeps and she proceeds to ask about a list of specific animals. After the girl’s parents confirm that all of these animals do in fact sleep, the girl protests that she’s still not tired. Her parents agree that she doesn’t need to sleep but that she must stay in bed. The girl then gets cozy in her bed, imitating each of the animals and falls fast asleep, like the tiger.

This is a perfect bedtime story, given the theme and length, and for as many times as I’ve read it I still linger on each page to study the intricacy, texture, color, and pattern of each illustration. This Caldecott winner is sure to be a favorite for both kids and parents.

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Tags: Caldecott, bedtime, animals, tiger


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