A Review of Owl Moon
Author: Jane Yolen
Illustrator: John Schoenherr
Reviewed by L. Bohannon


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Recommended reader age: 3-adults

I think it’s difficult to find a text and illustration so well-paired as in Owl Moon. The text is extremely poetic and descriptive and when you add the illustrations you truly feel like you’re also along on the late-night owling walk with the girl and her father. The girl patiently walks through the woods with her father, in search of spotting the owl. It is a challenge for her to remain quiet (something most young children can identify with) but she perseveres in hopes of seeing the owl. Along the way they stop and Pa calls out to the owl and they wait for a response. Just when she’s sighed with impatience, they get a response and follow the call to the owl. After the majestic owl’s flown away the girl knows she can now talk, if she wishes, but seems to enjoy the silence of the winter night and chooses to remain quiet on the walk home.

Truthfully, my kids cannot yet appreciate the analogies and descriptiveness of this text but they enjoy the story and pictures nonetheless. It’s one of those books that have something for kids and readers of all ages.


Tags: animals, owl, winter, nature, father, caldecott


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