A Review of The Animal of Farmer Jones
Illustrator: Richard Scarry
Reviewed by L. Bohannon


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Recommended reader age: 1-6

It’s difficult to go wrong with any Golden Book. But this one is an absolute favorite in our house. We’re lucky enough to have this extra large 1960’s edition of this (1940’s) book. The text is simplistic and well-suited for a baby. Each of the animals on the farm makes their appropriate sound  (neigh, oink, quack, etc) and wonders where supper and Farmer Jones is. After Farmer Jones feeds each one, they thank him.

I’m not certain why my kids prefer this extremely simple book over other farm stories, but I think they must love the big colorful illustrations by famous illustrator Richard Scarry. It must be one of his earlier books because I didn’t recognize his signature style at first. I think it’s no longer in print but if you can get your hands on a used copy pick it up!


Tags: Golden book, animals, farm, Richard Scarry


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