A Review of Blueberries for Sal
Author and Illustrator: Robert McCloskey
Reviewed by L. Bohannon


Blueberries for Sal on Amazon

Recommended reader age: 3-7

This story is just endearing all around. I marvel at the illustrations each time I read it – McCloskey made so many small and careful strokes with his pen to achieve such detail and form in simple black and white. My kids are captivated by this classic every time – no splashy colors or paint strokes required.

Sal goes blueberry-picking with her mother and Little Bear goes blueberry-grazing with her mother. Focused on eating blueberries, each child looses sight of Mom (or vice versa!) and when they catch up they end up following the wrong mother! Imagine the surprise when Mother Bear realizes she’s being tailed by a little girl, and Sal’s mother turns around to see a baby bear in lieu of her Sal! Mothers and children are reunited and Sal and her mom return home to can blueberries for the winter.

This particular vignette is my kids’ favorite. They sit and linger on this last page for ages, studying the detail and asking questions.



Tags: Caldecott, McCloskey, blueberries, summer, animals, bears, mother

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