A Review of Dick and Jane
Author: William S. Gray and Zerna Sharp
Illustrator: Numerous (see history)
Reviewed by L. Bohannon


Dick and Jane on Amazon

Recommended reader age: 4-7


I believe that every child’s collection should include at least one Dick and Jane book. They are a true classic. Originally published in the 1930’s they were revised and added to in the 1950-60’s. They were used to teach school children to read.

I honestly don’t think they’re the best for teaching to read. For an early reader? Yes. For a child who is just starting out I much prefer a book built on phonics rather than sight words and repetition. However, once your child learns to read phonetically they will feel so accomplished when they read each of the short Dick and Jane stories. The illustrations are fun to look at, and I think my kids like that Dick, Jane, Sally, and their friends Pam, Penny, and Mike are always having so much fun!

You can purchase them in hard cover compilations or sets of soft covers or individual soft covers.


Tags: Classics, early readers

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