A Review of Chicken Little
Author and Illustrator: Steven Kellogg


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Recommended reader age: All ages

This retelling of the classic story, Chicken Little, has a little something for everyone. Steven Kellogg is a very prolific children’s book author and illustrator and the characters in this book display his signature style and sense of humor.

The story begins, as usual, with Chicken Little being hit on the head by an acorn and believing the sky is falling. Foxy Loxy is watching from the bushes ready to make his move when each of Chicken Little’s friends try to come to the aid with shear panic and calls for the police. Foxy Loxy is beside himself with greed as he fantasizes about how he will prepare and eat each of the the foul. Knowing he is outnumbered, he poses as the police the birds are shrieking for. After he’s got them captured he snarkily explains to the birds how they were fooled by the acorn and he hurls it into the air. It catches the propellers of Officer Hippo Hefty’s chopper causing it to crash on Foxy Loxy’s truck, saving the day. In the end justice is served and Chicken Little has a great story to tell her grandchildren under the oak tree that came from her acorn.

The book has humor the adult reader will appreciate while still being appropriate for a and interesting to the kids. My kids love that I give each character a different voice as I tell the story. It’s definitely the version of Chicken Little to have in your library.



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