A Review of Make Way for Ducklings
Author and Illustrator: Robert McCloskey


Make Way for Ducklings on Amazon

Recommended reader age: 3-8

Mr. and Mrs. Mallard search high and low for just the right place to hatch and raise their ducklings. They finally settle down on a quiet island nearby to busy park. Prior to laying their eggs they enjoy the peanuts given by park visitor and they also befriend a kind police officer, Michael. After the ducklings have hatched on their quiet island, Mr. Mallard sets out to explore farther down the river and the couple agrees to reunite their entire family at the park in a week’s time.

Mrs. Mallard faces some challenges while trying to help her new ducklings across busy traffic. Their old friend Office Michael helps them out and calls in reinforcements. One the family is together again, in the park, they like it so much that they decide to stay.

This is yet another classic book by Robert McCloskey and I know we will be enjoying this sweet story and beautiful illustrations for many years to come. 


Tags: Robert McCloskey, animals, ducks, family

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