A Review of The Tale of Three Trees
Author: Angela Elwell Hunt
Illustrator: Tim Jonke
Reviewed by L. Bohannon


The Tale of Three Trees on Amazon

Recommended reader age: 4-12 years

Supposedly a folklore story (of unknown origin), this is an Easter story told from the perspective of three trees. Each tree is standing side-by-side atop a hill and dreaming about it’s future. The first wants to be made into the most beautiful treasure chest in the world, the second wants to be a strong sailing ship to “travel mighty waters and carry powerful kings,” and the third dreams of staying on the mountaintop and becoming the tallest tree in the world so that people think of God when they see it.

Time passes and each tree is chopped down. The first is made into a feed box for animals, the second into a lowly fishing boat and the third stays in the lumber pile. Each tree is sad because their dreams go unfulfilled.

However, Mary and Joseph place their baby in the feed box, making it the most beautiful treasure chest in the world. Jesus sails on the humble fishing boat and He calms the storm, meaning the boat did carry a  powerful King. And the third tree is finally pulled from the lumber pile to be fashioned into Jesus’ cross. Indeed every time people looked at it, they thought of God.

This is really a beautiful story and I may enjoy it more than my kids do at this point. It makes me ponder how God transforms us, and our dreams should we have the desire to serve Him.


Tags: Easter, religious, trees, Christian

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