A Review of Rockabye Farm
Author: Diane Johnston Hamm
Illustrator: Rick Brown

First edition on Amazon: Rock-A-Bye Farm

Second edition on Amazon: Rock-a-Bye Farm

Recommended reader age: 1-8


We have the first version of the book with a different illustrator than the new edition – so I can’t comment on the new illustrations. But this makes an excellent bedtime story. The farmer begins by rocking his baby to sleep at night, then rocks each of the animals on this farm before finally rocking himself to sleep. It’s very simple and would actually make a very nice early reader book too. The great part is that it’s short and sweet but also satisfying enough for bedtime – for those nights when it’s already past bedtime and you’re in a bit of a rush to get the kids to sleep.




Tags: bedtime, farm, animals, early reader

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