Review: Dick and Jane

I truly believe that every child's collection should include at least one Dick and Jane book. They are a true classic (...) I honestly don't think they're the best for teaching to read. For an early reader? Yes. For a child who is just starting out I much prefer a book built on phonics rather than sight words and repetition. However, once your child learns to read phonetically they will feel so accomplished when they read each of the short Dick and Jane stories.


Review: Blueberries for Sal

This story is just endearing all around. I marvel at the illustrations each time I read it - McCloskey made so many small and careful strokes with his pen to achieve such detail and form in simple black and white. My kids are captivated by this classic every time - no splashy colors or paint strokes required.

Favorite Books

We're mothers, and sisters, and we love reading to our kids. We know that helping our kids create a great relationship with books and reading is an important foundation to life-long learning. Sometimes we've had to search for just the right book to help our kids with a specific skill or life transition. We've also noticed that not all children's book are created equal and that some stand out to us as having lasting impact. It's those stand-out books that we want to share with you - the books our kids keep requesting, and the ones that we enjoy reading to them, again and again - and again!